Masoud Gharebaghi -

I’m Masoud Gharehbaghi, an author, illustrator and graphic designer born in 1987 in Zanjan, Iran.

I earned my master’s in Illustration from The University of Tehran. I began my career as an illustrator while I was a student and collaborated on over 18 books then on. However, I decided to shift my career path towards writing to share my own stories. My debut book, “The Stellar Fox,” was published by Madreseh Publishing House, marking the beginning of my journey as both an author and illustrator.

Since then, I have written and illustrated a total of 14 books, each exploring different themes and styles. I am grateful to say that my books have been well received, and many of them have been published overseas.

Through my work, I try to create a meaningful connection with my audience and engage them with thought-provoking stories that mainly focus on environmental issues, philosophy for children, and psychology. Although my books are accessible for children, as I strive to simplify complex ideas and concepts in them, they can be enjoyable for the parents as well.