Masoud Gharebaghi -


I’m Masoud Gharehbaghi, an illustrator, graphic designer, and picture book author based in Canada.

My journey began with a degree in graphic design. After earning my Bachelor’s, I was expected to become a full-time graphic designer. But then, something magical happened! I found myself completely captivated by the world of pictures and colors. My playful mind was drawn to illustration, and I went on to earn a Master’s degree in the field. I then began working as a freelance illustrator.

Then came a twist! A book project I poured my heart into got canceled. But those beautiful illustrations wouldn’t let me go. So, I put on my writing hat and created a story that perfectly fit those pictures. To my surprise, that moment sparked a love for crafting picture books that’s been with me ever since. 

Now, I do my best to create thought-provoking picture books that share my ideas with the best readers out there—children. While my books are meant for kids, they often engage parents too.

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